The Sidekicks Gameplay Phone


Meet Noobert. That’s not his real name obviously, but he prefers to use it whenever he’s playing games online. His real name? It’s Robert Brightmind. Not that it’s very relevant at all. But it sure isn’t cool enough. Well, actually it’s just Noobert’s opinion.

So Noobert got tossed into the computer realm and now he’s here to save…….the gaming world. He’s quite an experienced gamer so he’ll learn quickly how to survive in the somewhat hostile environment. Oh, yeah, almost forgot… he was also given a very special skill. The already skinny Noobert can make himself even skinnier. So skinny, he becomes invisible.


Name Robert Brightmind
Gamer ID Noobert
Special skill super-skinniness ie. temporary invisibility
Favourite apparel whatever mom tells to wear